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By Amy Burgess

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


How on earth is it already the middle of December and, seriously, how is Christmas only one week away?! If you're like me and you haven't finished your holiday shopping yet, have no fear. We have the ultimate holiday gift guide for you and your friends who are utterly addicted to organics. And trust us, they won't want to regift these!

  • For the perfect stocking stuffer: Skip the orange at the bottom of the stocking this year and shop Suja Gift Cards instead! Also a delicious, nutritious and unique gift for the friend who has everything ;) Simply choose the amount for the Gift Card and add to your cart!
  • A comeback after all the cookies, candy, cake and cocktails: For anyone needing a fresh start after the holidays (don't we all), shop our most popular item! The 3-Day Fresh Start, available in both Original and Core, is the perfect way to renew, refresh and reset healthy habits after a sugar filled holiday season. 6 juices per day for 3 days will leave you feeling fresh!
  • If you're new to juicing: We offer a 1-Day Fresh Start! And when choosing between Original and Core, we suggest our Original Fresh Start that features a variety of our most popular fruit and vegetable juices for a delicious and nutritious Fresh Start that resets and rejuvenates.
  • If you're an experienced juicer: Try our 5-Day Fresh Start! And when choosing between Original and Core, we suggest our Core Fresh Start that highlights all of our nutrient-dense green juices. The Core Fresh Start will leave you with a feeling of purity and revitalization!
  • For those looking to stick to New Year's resolutions: We'll help you continue your healthy habits past January 1st with Suja Subscriptions! Get 6, 18 or 48 juices shipped directly to your doorstep every month, so you can skip the trip to the grocery store and fill your fridge with your favorite fresh juices! Did we mention shipping for subscriptions is free? Sign up now to get Suja when you need it - every month, all year, straight to your door!
  • Saying "see you later" to sugar in the new year? Try the Sayonara Sugar Subscription! Our lineup of Lavenade, Lemon Love, Revive and Twelve Essentials are big in flavor with 0-4 grams of sugar and 10-35 calories per serving. The Sayonara Sugar Subscription is perfect for those looking to limit their sugar and calorie intake while still wanting to sip on something delicious!
  • Gulping more greens in the new year? Try the Green Freak Subscription! Our lineup of Revive<, Glow, Green Supreme and Twelve Essentials combines nutrient dense greens with earthy veggies and sweet fruits perfect for the dedicated green juice lover.
  • Can't commit just yet? Test out a 6-pack of Sayonara Sugar or Green Freak and see how it goes!

Happy holidays! Shop gifts so fresh they should be on the naughty list and bring the gift of organics to your friends and fam!