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By Suja Juice

Which Kombucha Flavor Are You?

Happy National Bubbly Day! In celebration, we are doing all things bubbly from drinking champagne at brunch with our friends to grabbing our favorite bottle of 'booch and getting in a bubbly bath. Not sure which flavor you should celebrate with? Take our quiz below and find out which flavor is your IDEAL organic kombucha drink!

Get out a pen and paper and tally up your points.

1. What do you do on the weekend? You can find me in the club, dancing my heart out. (Add 1 pt) Go to brunch, with bottomless mimosas and alllll the pancakes. (Add 2 pts) I'll be at the park or the beach playing a pick-up game of basketball. (Add 3 pts) Yoga, Meditation, Chores, Reading a book or ALL OF THOSE THINGS. (Add 4 pts) 2. Which of these best describes your morning routine? I roll out of bed five minutes before work and get going. (Add 1 pt) I spend most of my morning picking out my outfit. (Add 2 pts) Gym, Shower and get to work! (Add 3 pts) Wake up, Gratitude Journal, Meditate, Exercise, Grab a Smoothie. (Add 4 pts) 3. Which member of your family do you like best? My bed (Add 1 pt) My dog (Add 2 pts) My houseplant (Add 3 pts) My Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp (Add 4 pts) 4. Which of these places would you most like to live? Chill Beachtown (Add 1 pt) Vibrant City (Add 2 pts) Rugged outdoors. (Add 3 pts) In the wilderness. (Add 4 pts) 5. What is your app of choice? Social App (Add 1 pt) Travel App (Add 2 pts) Any game. (Add 3 pts) Headspace (Add 4 pts) 6. What is the most important thing on your desk? Allll my coffee. (Add 1 pt) A picture of my dog, did you not see question number three. (Add 2 pts) My vitamins. (Add 3 pts) My essential oils! (Add 4 pts) THE BUBBLY RESULTS: 6-10 points: YOU'RE MIXED BERRY. You are bubbly and all about a good time. Whether it's dancing your heart out on the weekend, staying up late snap chatting your friends or anything in between you're ready to have a good time. This National Bubbly Day, grab a berry kombucha and add some booze for a bubbly boozy booch happy hour. 11-16 points: YOU'RE PEACH GINGER. Sweet and a little bit spicy. You're all about having a good time while keeping it a little low-key. Grab a peach kombucha, invite some friends over, and celebrate National Bubbly Day with a ‘booch-mosa brunch. 17-20 points: YOU'RE PINEAPPLE PASSIONFRUIT. You're earthy with a bit of a kick! You love to be outside enjoying nature, but you're also uber competitive. Grab our NEW passionfruit kombucha and get outside this National Bubbly Day! 21-24 points: YOU'RE GREEN APPLE. Longevity and immune health are super important to you. You love to do things that make you feel all around well! This National Bubbly Day celebrate by sitting back and relaxing in the tub with our brand new green apple kombucha!!!