At Suja, we’re constantly coming up with new ingredient and flavor combinations to keep your taste buds intrigued. From holiday flavors to cold brew tea, we’ve launched over 200 items in just a few short years! Unfortunately, we can’t keep them all on the shelf, so those oldies but goodies are listed below! Scroll through our flavor graveyard to remember your faves no longer with us!


  • Suja Bliss


  • Suja Blue Dream

    Blue Dream

  • Cantaloupe Charm

    Cantaloupe Charm

  • Choc Full

    Choc Full

  • CranberryCraze

    Cranberry Craze

  • Suja Fortitude


  • Honeydew Hue

    Honeydew Hue

  • Suja Lavenade


  • PassionfruitParadise

    Passionfruit Paradise

  • Suja Purify


  • Suja Reef


  • Suja Revive


  • Suja Spark


  • Vanilla Cloud

    Vanilla Cloud

  • Watermelon Whim

    Watermelon Whim


  • 24 Karat

    24 Karat

  • Suja Berryoxidant


  • Suja Blutrients


  • Suja Call Me Pumpkin

    Call Me Pumpkin

  • Chocolat


  • Chun Mee Tropical

    Chun Mee Tropical

  • Suja Divine Probiotics

    Divine Probiotics

  • Green Charge

    Green Charge

  • Honeybush Peach

    Honeybush Peach

  • Jasmine Pomegranate

    Jasmine Pomegranate

  • Suja King of Greens

    King of Greens

  • Macachino


  • Mango Fuego

    Mango Fuego

  • Suja Elements Power Greens

    Power Greens

  • Suja Spiced Chai Protein

    Spiced Chai Protein

  • Tropicaloe


  • Under the Mistletoe

    Under the Mistletoe

  • Unsweetened Biodynamic Black

    Unsweetened Biodynamic Black

  • Vanilla Chill

    Vanilla Chill

  • Wassail to You

    Wassail to You

Elevated Nutrients

  • citrus bitters

    Detox: Citrus Bitters

  • prickly pear EN

    Energized Focus: Prickly Pear


  • Berry Buzz

  • Madly Matcha

    Madly Matcha

  • Tee'dUp

    Tee'd Up

  • Tropical Charge

    Tropical Charge


  • blood orange bitters booch

    Blood Orange Bitter Kombucha

  • ginger lemon booch

    Ginger Lemon Kombucha

  • Green Apple Kombucha

  • mixed berries pooch

    Mixed Berries Kombucha

  • peach ginger pooch

    Peach Ginger Kombucha

  • pineapple heat kombucha

    Pineapple Heat Kombucha

  • Pineapple Passionfruit Kombucha

  • Raspberry Pomegranate Kombucha

  • Super Greens Kombucha

  • strawberry rhubarb booch

    Strawberry Rhubarb Kombucha

Multi Serve

  • Suja Apple 49oz


  • Suja Blushing Lemonade

    Blushing Lemonade

  • Carrots & Co. 48oz

    Carrots & Co.

  • citrus immunity 46oz

    Citrus Immunity 46oz

  • Cranberry


  • Gleaming Green

    Gleaming Green

  • King of Greens

  • Mango


  • Mulled Apple Cider

  • Orange


  • Suja Power Greens

    Power Greens

  • spiced apple cider

    Spiced Apple Cider

  • Tis the Nog

    Tis the Nog

  • Veg Out

    Veg Out

  • Wassail To You

    Wassail To You

  • Wild Lemonade

    Wild Lemonade

Plant Protein Milks

  • Chocolate Plant Protein Milk

  • Original Plant Protein Milk

  • Unsweetened Plant Protein Milk

Probiotic Vinegar Juices

  • Blueberry Lemon

  • Cucumber Ginger

  • Ginger Turmeric

  • Lemon Cayenne

  • Lemongrass Lime

  • Peach Ginger

  • Strawberry


  • Berry Goodness

  • Suja Berry Nana

    Berry Nana

  • Berry Protein

  • Brilliant Beets

  • Suja Carrot Crush

    Carrot Crush

  • Chocolate Charge

    Chocolate Charge

  • Suja Cucumber Chill

    Cucumber Chill

  • Daybreak Probiotic

  • Easy Greens Graveyard

    Easy Greens

  • Evening Protein

    Evening Protein

  • Ginger Lime Pressed Probiotic Water

    Ginger Lime Pressed Probiotic Water

  • Honestly Orange

    Honestly Orange

  • SUJA Mango Magic

    Mango Magic

  • Midday Thrive

    Midday Thrive

  • Pineapple Lemon Cayenne Probiotic Water

    Orange Ginger Pineapple Pressed Probiotic Water

  • Orange Ginger Pineapple Pressed Probiotic Water

    Orange Ginger Pressed Probiotic Water

  • ProbioticWatermelon

    Probiotic Watermelon

  • RadiantProbiotic

    Radiant Probiotic

  • Raspberry Pressed Probiotic Water

    Raspberry Probiotic Water

  • Strawberry Probiotic Water

    Strawberry Probiotic Water

  • Sunrise Probiotic

    Sunrise Probiotic

  • Trim Greens

  • Watermelon